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4 mai 2011 - Abdul Azim Islahi


"Linkages and Similarities between Economics Ideas of Muslim Scholars and Scholastics"


This paper attempts to discuss linkages and similarities between economics ideas of Muslim scholars and Scholastics with an objective to find out common ground in the history of our field of interest that may help understand our healthy traditions, boost cooperation and strengthen bonds of our association. To provide background knowledge, it begins with an account of circumstance in which Muslim dialecticians and European Scholastics emerged and the foundation on which the two were based. It traces the links through which they came close to each other. It presents a number of cases in which the two traditions have the similar views. It concludes with a note that ethics and human values were the overriding considerations of both Scholastics and Islamic scholars, and in spite of enormous change in economic principles and practices, this concern of humanity has not changed. If economics science is enriched with those values, they will surely add to efficiency, justice, and stability.

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