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Ethique et normes de la finance > Archives des Séminaires de recherche > Séminaires de recherche 2012 > Juin - Introduction to islamic economic thought by Dr Ramon VERRIER

Juin - Introduction to islamic economic thought by Dr Ramon VERRIER

With this item, I intend to present a few points, more largely developed in a work published in 2009 on the IET1. Then, my one purpose was to expose the main features of theIET, a topic, practically unknown to the public, and even too many scholars in France. I did not pretend to give a thorough  analysis of the IET, which I would have been, and I  amalways, still today, incompetent to do, because I am not an Arabic-speaking person. It wasmostly an overview of the IET made from translations of original texts, but also from articlesor books on this topic, existing in French, English or Spanish, essentially available in France,systematically reported in the work. This is the reason why it was simply an “introduction” tothe IET presented briefly but however methodically, replacing the thought of the authors intotheir historical, economic and social context.My purpose today is the same, but it is presented in a still more limited way, in two parts, exposing initially why the IET is relatively unknown (Part I), and then examining the various contributions of this thought by setting as example of innovative analysis, among others, cycles theory by Ibn Khaldûn (Part II).


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